Salzburg Bucket List

Salzburg, best known for being the birth place of Mozart and for The Sound of Music, is one of those cities you just have to visit. It’s pretty as a postcard, full of great food and culture that when I visited back in January, it zoomed to the top of my list of places I have to visit again. While it’s quite a small city (great if you love being able to walk everywhere), there’s still tonnes to do and see, that just wandering around will bring you surprises at every turn! However, if you’re more of an organised traveller, then these are my ultimate MUST dos for Salzburg!


Wander around Mirabell Palace and Gardens:

Best known for being the setting of “Do Re Mi” in The Sound of Music, people flock to Mirabell to see it for themselves. However, even if you’re not a fan of the film, it’s still super pretty, and nice to just have a wander around. While in Summer it’s supposedly filled with flowers, we were lucky enough to see it in the snow (which I think might be even better!)


Visit Mozart’s Birthplace:

Mozart’s birthplace has now been transformed into a museum about his life, and while it didn’t quite meet my expectations, it’s still worth a look.



Wander around the Old Town:

Salzburg’s Altstadt is a UNESCO World Heritage Sight, and after visiting, I can definitely see why. It’s filled with charm, and every turn is prettier than the last. You can easily spend an afternoon getting lost here (if it wasn’t as cold as when we went anyway!) and popping in and out of the various shops and cafes.


View Hohensalzburg Castle (From Just About Anywhere!)

One of the things that makes Salzburg so stunning is the castle which sits above Salzburg on one of the surrounding mountains. You can see it from just about anywhere in Salzburg, and it really is something!


Take the Cable Car up to the Castle:

And while you’re at it, the views from the top are even more spectacular. You can spend an hour or two up here wandering around the castle, while enjoying the views on all sides – with the mountains on one and Salzburg on the other.



One of the best views in Salzburg (in my humble opinion) is the hidden lookout point, Kapuzinerberg. While it’s not too difficult to find, it’s not massively signposted, or advertised, so it isn’t too busy. Head to Linzer Gasse and then look out for signs for Kapuzinerberg, and just follow them! It’s quite a bit of a climb, but it’s 100% worth it. Also, the sunset from up there is apparently stunning (although in winter, not so much), so if you’re a bit of a sunset chaser, here’s your spot!


Visit Salzburg Cathedral:

While not the most impressive Cathedral throughout Europe, Salzburg Cathedral is right by the Old Town (and about a minutes walk from the cable car) so you can’t help but see it! However, it’s definitely worth taking a few extra minutes to go inside, as it’s still rather beautiful.



Go on the Sound of Music Tour!

This is definitely one of the obvious choices for Sound of Music fans, but even if you’re not, the tour takes you round lots of the various city sights, as well as taking you out of the city, so it’s worth it if you want to visit Mondsee and the nearby lakes. We went during the winter, so it was a good excuse to warm up in the car while also seeing loads, but even more impressive was the fact that the lake in front of Leopoldskron Palace had completely frozen over!


Visit the Lake District:

This is possible to do while on the Sound of Music tour, but if you choose not to (or want to spend some more time here, which is definitely worth doing), a trip out to see some of Austria’s beautiful lakes is a MUST. We visited Mondsee and Wolfgansee and they were both spectacular. Unfortunately as the weather was so bad we didn’t get the best views or photos, but with how pretty it was in winter, I can only imagine how spectacular it is in the Summer!

I had an absolutely fantastic time in Salzburg in January, although if you’re thinking about visiting, be warned that there are a number of things that are closed (most specifically the Eagles Nest, which I’m sure if we’d been able to do, would be on this list!) Have any of you been to Salzburg? Let me know in the comments!









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