A Bucket List for the Algarve!

Now it’s getting colder and colder in England, I’m spending a lot of time reminiscing about my trip to Portugal earlier this year, and dreaming about getting away again! So I’ve decided to share with you all the fun and fabulous things you should do if you ever get the chance to visit Portugal’s gorgeous Algarve region.



You can’t go to one of the most relaxing places in the world (with oodles of hotels and resorts to choose from) without having a classic pool day. So don your swimming costume, grab a good book and spend a day relaxing in the sun!


Water Sports:

The beaches in the Algarve are the perfect places to try out some water sports. Whether you’re feeling brave and want to try some parasailing, or want to limit yourself to a banana boat (I personally did both and had a HUGE amount of fun). I was pretty damn terrified about trying parasailing, but it’s something I’ve always wanted to do, and the views really were spectacular, so if you’re thinking about it, I’d definitely say go for it.



Visit Silves:

Silves was my favourite town in the Algarve, (you can read my longer post about it here), so if you’re looking for something a bit different to do and see, this is the place for you. With a castle to explore, and some stunning views over the Algarve, this place gives you a bit of a break from the beaches and sea that seem to dominate the rest of the Algarve.



Swim in the Sea (and Relax at the Beach!):

Just like a pool day, you can’t pass up the opportunity to spend a day relaxing at the beach. And if you’re heading to the beach, you also can’t pass up the opportunity to swim in the sea!


Look off the End of the World:

The Algarve is the home to the most south-westerly point in Europe – Cape St Vincent. Once believed to be the end of the world, it really is something to stare off the edge, and only be able to see sea. As well as that, there’s no cost, so you can just drive up and enjoy the view!

Watch the Sunrise:

I watched the sunrise from a coach, ridiculously early in the morning, on the way across the border into Spain. Although I haven’t got any photos from it, it was really something special, and something you should try and see at least once on your trip (unfortunately I was lazy on all the other days and didn’t get out of bed!)




Watch the Sunset:

Now if you can’t be bothered to get up for sunrise, then you definitely can’t miss out on sunset, especially since its stunning sunsets is something the Algarve is renowned for. On one of our last nights in the Algarve, we headed down to the beach for sunset, and after climbing up high onto some rocks (which was a rather terrifying experience, but well worth it). It was definitely the most stunning sunset I’ve ever seen.

Have any of you visited the Algarve? What do you think?




One thought on “A Bucket List for the Algarve!

  1. Nice list 🙂
    I would add, hike in the mountains around Monchique. You have gorgeous scenery form there where you can see both the mountains and the sea. There is a lot of small arts and crafts shops to visit. And the smell of eucalyptus is all around you.


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