My Five Favourite Aeroplane Albums

One of the main ways I pass a flight is by listening to music. And I’ve started to notice that I go for the same albums every time I go away somewhere, and they tend to be albums I absolutely love and know so well that I can tune out a bit and fall asleep while they’re playing. So although this post is a bit different from usual, I’ve decided to share my top 5 albums for flying with you guys to give you a bit of inspiration for your next flight!

Hozier – Hozier:

Hozier is one of my favourite artists ever, and his self-titled album is perfect for early morning flights where you just want to tune everything else out and go back to sleep. As well as that, it’s just a fantastic album in general, and one of my favourites!

Mumford and Sons – Sigh No More:

I also LOVE Mumford and Sons. Like Hozier, they’re especially good for those early morning flights when you’re just exhausted, and while they have some faster paced songs, they’re quite relaxing to listen to. They’re also the sort of band I can listen to for hours on end without getting bored – making them perfect for flying.

Royal Blood – Royal Blood:

A faster paced album than the others on the list, but it’s such a good one. It’s perfect for if you’re trying to stay awake on a flight or if you just want to drown everything else out!

Tom Odell – Wrong Crowd:

This is one of my favourite albums of all time (even though it’s only been released recently), and it’s so diverse that you can just sit and listen to it straight through, or it can become background noise for if you’re reading or just dozing. I’m also super excited to be seeing him live in November, so I think that just adds to the love of the album!

Lukas Graham – Lukas Graham:

This is a band that I’ve only discovered recently, so I’m actually yet to listen to this album while on a flight. However, from the first listen of this album I fell in love with it, and I just know that it’ll be one of my go to’s next time I’m on a flight!

What do you guys do to pass the time while on a flight? Comment below!

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