July Monthly Catch-Up!


This month has been quite a quiet month full of work, but with the arrival of sunshine, Gareth’s graduation and the booking of a trip for my 21st I am happy to say it’s been a fantastic one!


At the start of the month was the Buckingham Summer Festival where my brother plays every year, and it was a fantastic start to the month as I always love going to the concerts and it always gives a good opportunity to catch up with my brother! I don’t go to Classical concerts often, so it’s always nice to be able to go to these ones!

Seeing the Sea!

This month Gareth and I packed up the car for a night down in Devon to see the sea! It was super exciting as I absolutely LOVE the seaside, and it was a great way to relax and just have some fun! If you’re interested in what you should do at the sea-side, check out my bucket list here!


Gareth’s Graduation:

Despite the fact that Gareth finished uni about 3 months ago, he didn’t have his graduation until the middle of July! It was a long, hot day, but I was super proud of him graduating with a First and graduating! It also marked the start of him having to be a proper adult which is also always exciting!

Planning my 21st:

About an hour ago, I walked out of a travel shop with a massive smile on my face, having just booked to go to Thailand next April for my 21st! Gareth and I will be volunteering at an elephant conservation centre and spending time in both Chiang Mai and Bangkok! If anyone has any suggestions of what we can do there/where to stay, comment below!

Although it’s quite a short post this month as I’ve mostly been working (to save up for Thailand) it’s been an awesome one! What have you guys been up to this month?! 🙂


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