What to Do in Sorrento and on the Amalfi Coast

This time last year I was heading off to Sorrento, Italy, for one of the best trips of my life. With constant blue skies, sea views and tonnes of gelato, Sorrento is one of the best destinations for someone looking for a summer holiday – but wanting an element of adventure as well! There’s plenty to see not just in Sorrento, but on the Amalfi Coast, so you probably need at least 5 days to explore it all – time which I unfortunately did not have – but if you don’t fit it all in, at least it leaves an excuse to return to this beautiful travel destination!

Explore Sorrento:

On our final day in Italy, Gareth and I spent the day just wandering around Sorrento – and there’s plenty to see! The best way to do Sorrento is to just let yourself get lost wandering around the cobbled back streets which are filled with an abundance of stalls selling everything from chillies to art. Another highlight for Sorrento would be to see the abandoned mill – also known as “the valley of the mills,” as seeing the deep abandoned canyon is almost surreal when you’re right in the centre of Sorrento. When wandering round, we ended up in a photo exhibition, sitting by the sea and exploring numerous churches, so there really is loads to see.  Finally, make sure to take plenty of rest stops to enjoy all the different gelato you can get and get out of the sun!


Just a short boat ride away from Sorrento is Capri, an island I fell in love with. You can choose to visit Capri either on a tour, or if you’re working on a budget, do it yourself by catching one of the very regular ferries across to the island. Although Gareth and I did it on a budget, I would recommend choosing the tour option as there was so much in Capri that we didn’t see because we, a) hadn’t done our research properly in navigating the island, and b) we didn’t have the resources to get around! If you don’t want to do a tour still, I would recommend renting a Vespa for the day as a way of getting round the island so you still get to see it all! I absolutely loved the island, with the highlight being the boat trip we took around the island which showed us all the little coves, statues and villas perched on the cliffs. Another highlight – which we didn’t make it to – would be Anacapri where you have the chance to go on a chair lift. Regardless, wandering around the streets of Capri was a real highlight of our trip and we will definitely be returning!

Vesuvius and Pompeii:

With Vesuvius and Pompeii, we didn’t make the same mistake as with Capri, and booked ourselves onto a long day tour to visit both. We chose to visit by boat, meaning we got more of a chance to see the coastline and the sea, but there are a number of different tours. After departing the boat, we first visited Pompeii, with a guided tour around the ancient city. Then it was onto Vesuvius. We had to go up the mountain in these incredibly scary but exhilarating jeeps which bounced their way up the hill, providing some breath-taking views. For the final part of the journey we had to walk, so be prepared for this! Thankfully, at that height it was considerably cooler than it was in Pompeii, making the climb a bit easier! The views atop Vesuvius are outstanding, and seeing the volcano up close is something I won’t forget!



Unfortunately we didn’t have enough days on our trip to make it to Positano, but everything I’ve heard and seen about it has been positive, so I would definitely recommend this if you’re on the Amalfi Coast! Like Capri and Pompeii, you can either visit by tour or by public transport – although I can’t recommend either, but believe with the right research either way is possible!


It’s no secret that food in Italy is amazing, so while there, make sure to make the most of the cuisine and stuff yourself with gelato, pizza and pasta!

Have any of you guys been to Sorrento? Let me know what you thought! 🙂


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