A Bucket List for the British Sea-Side

If you’re British, I can guarantee that at least once in your life you will have a holiday at the sea-side – and this weekend was mine! On Friday morning, Gareth and I piled our stuff into the car for the long old drive down to Torquay, Devon, with the aim of doing as much as possible in our short stay there. So if you’re heading to the sea-side this summer, here is my ultimate bucket list of what you have to do!

DSCF4027 (2)

Build a Sandcastle:

No matter what your age is, building a sandcastle should be at the top of any sea-side bucket list. They often turn out rubbish and they always fall down quickly, but it’s a fun way of spending time at the beach and a good old laugh – so why not?

DSCF4014 (2).JPG

Fish and Chips:

Another slight stereotype, but you never get fish and chips any better than at the sea-side. We went to the Sea Bank Fish and Chip Restaurant and Take-Away and the chips were gorgeous!

Watch the Waves:

The whole reason we went to the sea-side was to see a bit of the sea and to just relax. And what better way of doing this than to just sit back on the beach and watch the waves? The views are also amazing from up on the cliffs, and either viewpoint is spectacular and therapeutic so I would recommend trying both!

DSCF3984 (2)

Go on a Ferris Wheel:

Most sea-side towns have something cheesy like a Ferris Wheel, and it’s a fun – albeit slightly naff – way of spending a bit of time. We managed to go when it was really quiet, which was nice, and it gives some amazing views so it’s a must!


Visit the Harbour:

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I always love seeing all the boats lined up in the harbour. It gives a different view to the beach and there’s something impressive about it!


You definitely can’t go to the sea-side without getting an ice-cream cone! I always go for a standard vanilla or strawberry one but there’s always lots of flavours to choose from! And there’s nothing in the world better than ice-cream, and it always tastes nicer with the sea air.

Oddicombe Beach:

This one isn’t quite a normal bucket list for any British sea-side, but if you’re in Devon I would 100% recommend visiting Oddicombe beach. You can get a railway down the cliff to it, or if you prefer the view, walk along the cliff to the right of the railway café to get some spectacular views of the beach! The beach itself is tiny and tucked into the cliff, which is an interesting red colour. The views from the top of the sea are also fantastic!


People Watch:

The sea-side is a fantastic place to people watch, as so many different people holiday there. Sit back in a café and spend an hour or two people watching. From this we also saw a man fly boarding which was insanely cool!


Anyone who knows me will know that I absolutely love sunset, so always try and catch sunset at the beach! There’s nothing like the sun setting over the waves to end a day out!

Is anyone else heading to the beach this summer? If so, what are your top things to do? 🙂

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