20 Things I Want To Do In My 20’s

So as I mentioned back in my catch-up post, back in April I left my teenage years behind and turned 20! Since then I’ve been thinking more about the future, and what I want to accomplish in my 20s, so I thought I’d share some with you. 🙂

  1. Visit at least 20 countries

I’ve wanted to travel more and more recently, constantly finding new places I want to go to. So it’s only fitting that one of the goals on this list is to visit as many countries as possible…and since I’m now 20, 20 seemed like a good enough goal!

     2. Graduate from uni

I finished my first year of uni only a couple of weeks ago, and I’m absolutely loving it. So I’m just hoping in 2 years’ time I’ll be able to graduate with a good grade.

     3. Do a masters

This links to the previous one, but I love learning and would one day love to go down a research /academic route, so one of my goals for my 20s is to complete a masters!

     4. Buy my own place

While it’s all great living at uni, I’d love to be able to come out of it and in a couple of years be able to buy and move into my own place!

     5. See the Northern Lights

Recently, me and Gareth started saving up for a trip to Iceland, as ever since I read Philip Pullman’s Northern Lights, I’ve been absolutely fascinated by them and dying to see them!

     6. Learn a new language

I studied German until I was in year 13, and came really close to studying it at uni. However, I wouldn’t be able to say I’m fluent in it, and in my 20s, I’d love to go back and finish learning!

     7. Get a dog

When I was growing up I always wanted a dog, and whenever I go around Gareth’s house I spend ages fussing over his one! So I’d absolutely love to get my own dog when I move out of my parents properly!

     8. Do a half marathon

Now I am not the most sport inclined of people, but recently I’ve been working to get a bit more in shape (and if you have any tips for this, comment below!). So I decided to set the even harder goal of completing a half marathon!

     9. Get my diploma on piano

It’s about 3 years ago now that I completed my grade 8 on the piano, and since then I feel like I haven’t made too much progress with it, but now Summer’s come around I’ve decided to try and get back into the routine of playing by setting myself the goal of completing my diploma!

     10. Learn to cook (properly)

I don’t think I can count the food I produce at uni as being able to cook properly, so I’d really love to get better at this.

     11. Save money

I really want to be able to get into the habit of consistently saving money, even if just to achieve the goals of travelling and getting my own place!

     12. Continue blogging

As I have only recently returned from quite a long break from blogging, I’d really love to really be able to stick at it this time!

     13. Volunteer abroad

This links back to the point about travelling, but I’ve always wanted to volunteer abroad!

     14. Get Chinchillas

My brother and sister-in-law have a pair of chinchillas, and they might just be the cutest animals I have ever seen!

     15. Publish some research

Again linking back to a previous goal, I’d absolutely love to go down the research route someday, and it would just be a dream to have some research published in a journal or somewhere!

     16. Start playing oboe again

After completing my grade 8 on oboe, I’ve rarely played (partly because I was hiring one and had to give it back), but it would be amazing if I could get my own oboe one day and start playing again!

     17. See the Grand Canyon

I’ve always wanted to see the Grand Canyon and I think my 20s is the perfect time to do so!

      18. Go to Australia

Australia has always seemed too far away for me to go, but recently I’ve started to think in terms of travelling, anything is possible!

     19. Get better at photography

I love taking photos, and always come back from trips with hundreds of them, but I’m pretty useless at editing them and some turn out appallingly, so I’d like to take some sort of photography course to get better.

     20. Start a career

Having just finished first year of uni, having a full time job seems really far away still, but it’s something I still think about, and although I’m not 100% set on what I want to do, I know that when I come out of uni I want to start a career with something I love doing.

What goals do you guys have? 🙂

4 thoughts on “20 Things I Want To Do In My 20’s

  1. I think you should do the MK winter half marathon with myself and Claire and Vicki Chambers. We are all signed up and it’s perfectly feasible for you to be ready in time. It could be a real family affair xxx


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