A Day in Dublin!


Back in April, Gareth and I took a trip to Dublin, which was a wonderfully rainy experience! Although we had 2 nights there, we ended up only having one day in Dublin itself, so I decided to put this together to let you guys know what my favourite things to do were. 🙂

Viking Splash!

In the morning, upon the recommendation of Gareth’s Aunt and Uncle who live in Ireland, we decided to go on the Viking Splash tour, which you can get on just outside of St Stephen’s Green. The tour involved being driven around Dublin both on the roads, and then on the river! Since we only had a day to explore, it was quite a good idea as it allowed us to see a lot of Dublin which we wouldn’t have had time to on foot! This included Trinity College, which we didn’t get a chance to go to later in the day, so was a fantastic way of still being able to see it. It was an incredibly fun tour, which a hilarious guide, and one I would definitely recommend.

St Stephens Green:

After the tour, we decided to just wander around St Stephens Green, and ended up staying there for much longer than planned! Although it’s right in the heart of Dublin, after stepping through the gates, everything else felt really far away, and despite the fact that it’s a very popular place to go, it didn’t feel too crowded. It was a beautiful place to just wander around aimlessly, with an abundance of wildlife and a beautiful lake. I also enjoyed seeing all the different statues placed around the Green, which somehow managed to blend in with the atmosphere. This was probably my favourite place we went to in Dublin, and somewhere I’d go back to in a heartbeat!

Grafton Street:

We couldn’t go to Dublin without a trip to Grafton Street, and since it’s about a 30 second walk from St Stephens Green it was no trouble to get to! At the top of the street we saw a busker, and I ended up buying his CD, which I ended up really enjoying! (Runaway John if anyone’s interested!) Although we didn’t go into any of the shops, the whole atmosphere was enjoyable, which is why I’d always put it in a Dublin itinerary.


A Pint of Guinness:

After lunch time the weather got so miserable that we didn’t want to walk around anymore, so we ended up – you guessed it – in a pub, having a classic (albeit it overly priced) Guinness. Although I’m not much of a drinker, this felt like a must do in Dublin! And if you get a chance, I’ve heard that the Guinness Factory is a fantastic place to visit (although we didn’t manage to make it there unfortunately).


3 Arena:

If I’d been having a normal trip to Dublin I wouldn’t have come here, but as we had tickets to see Macklemore (the whole reason we came to Ireland), we ended up at the 3 Arena. The concert was absolutely amazing, with Macklemore playing for about 2 and a half hours, and the atmosphere was even better because of his love of Ireland. The only thing I’d advise if you end up going to a concert in Dublin is to have a proper plan for getting home, as we ended up waiting about an hour and a half for a taxi!

All in all, our day in Dublin was pretty fabulous! Have any of you been there? 🙂


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