October Catch-Up

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Well hello everyone! Right now I’m lying in bed, feeling sorry for myself for having no voice and being ill, so I thought now would as good a time as any to do my monthly catch-up! This month has definitely been a busy one, what with starting uni, suddenly going from having no work to tonnes and meeting loads of great people!

As you would know if you read about my first two weeks of uni, here, I started at Warwick at the start of October, and since then things have been absolutely manic. I’ve met so many great people, I’m loving my course and there’s been so many exciting things to do. A week after coming here it was mine and Gareth’s one year anniversary as well, which just added to all the excitement, and we had a great day exploring Leamington.

Since starting here, I’ve had a huge amount of work to do which has taken up a lot of time, but there’s still been so many great evenings of just chilling or going out. There’s been so many film nights, and ordering take-out and making Pimms for some very interesting pre-drinks, that this month has literally just whizzed by. I’ve also been to the theatre a couple of times, which has been great since when I’m at home I don’t have the opportunity to go that much, but with student rates at Warwick Art Centre it’s become a much more accessible thing to do, which is fantastic because it’s something I love doing. I’ve been to a couple of shows ran by students as well, which is awesome because it just feels like a fantastic opportunity for people to showcase what they’re interested in. I also went to a welcome party with the flamily (get it?) which was fantastic, topped with a magician (I know, I sound so cool).

I also started at a new centre for work, since I was transferred here for university, which has been a lot of fun, as well as being a great opportunity to experience the way things are run somewhere else. It’s also awesome because I absolutely love my job, and I really didn’t want to give it up when I came to uni. I’ve now been into Leamington a few times as well now, and it’s such a beautiful area that I definitely want to live there when it comes to second year. I know I don’t exactly symbolise the typical student as I don’t enjoy drinking regularly and going out, but there’s still been so many opportunities to try new things and get involved which is fantastic!

The month ended with Halloween, which is always lots of fun. I decided not to go out in the end – although the Halloween Ball looked really fun – and stayed in watching scary films with Gareth. Halloween’s always great, and we made pancakes and blew up light-up balloons and ended up watching one of the Scooby-Doo Halloween specials, which I definitely recommend watching, despite the fact that when I was little it absolutely terrified me! (I wasn’t the bravest of kids).

November’s got off to a fantastic start as well, as it kicked off with a trip to London to see Gavin Degraw with Gareth (who is amazing – go and listen to him now), and a trip to Coventry to go out for dinner and see James Bond with my friends. It was an interesting experience since I’ve never seen a James Bond film, but after this I think I’ll be watching more of them! I hope everyone’s had fantastic months, comment below with your highlights!

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