My First Two Weeks of Uni!

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Hey everyone! Firstly, I know I’ve been a bit lame and crap at uploading new posts the last month or so, but 2 weeks ago I finally moved to uni for my first year and things have been hectic! However, now I’m all settled in, I’m aiming to do one-two posts per week (I hope)! So I thought today I’d do a post to let you guys know how my first couple of weeks at Warwick went.

I’m not going to lie, the first weekend was shit scary and after the first night I was all set to come home and never return, but you’ve got to remember that everyone is in the same boat and nervous! On the second day I met some great people, and decided to brave the bar on campus, which turned into an incredibly funny evening. I’m loving where I’m staying on campus; it’s right next to a lake, and despite occasional swan incidents, the area is absolutely beautiful, and well worth the walk into campus in the mornings! I’m staying in a fairly quiet area as well, which works out well for me as I’m not renowned for being a massive partier.

The first week brought the start of lectures (Warwick doesn’t have a separate Fresher’s Week – it’s all at the start of term) which might have been the most terrifying experience of my life. I seriously don’t think I understood a word the guy said in my first lecture, until the moment he started quoted song lyrics at us. Although after speaking to some second year students, it seems like he does this to scare students on the first day, which is a bit of a relief! The week brought various events, like Sports and Society Fairs, a Chinese night, watching films and some hilarious games of Irish Snap.

The second weekend was definitely a lot better than the first, with me finally getting some pots and pans to cook in, and it being mine and Gareth’s 1 year anniversary (how crazy is that??) It was an amazing weekend, and ended with a massive get together with a shit load of food and some Disney sing-a-longs, which is always a plus.

The second week brought the start of seminars, during which I realised that I have to somehow get from one end to the campus to the other twice within one morning, each time only giving me about 5 minutes to do so, which is going to be interesting. Despite this, the seminars and lectures have all been really interesting and I’m absolutely loving the course, as well as having met some brilliant people already. It’s been a great couple of weeks for trying new things and meeting people – although I could probably have done a bit more – and to round it off, we managed to have a Roast Dinner last night. I’m not going to lie and claim that I helped in any way with the cooking, but it was still a proud moment!

I’m hoping that there’ll be another update on here by the end of the week, and I hope everyone who’s started/returned to uni in the last month is having a brilliant time!

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