Eliza and the Bear Interview

This week I have had the very exciting opportunity to interview Martin Dukelow (guitar and vocals) from Eliza and the Bear. Ever since I saw them supporting Twin Atlantic, back in February, I knew this was a band to watch out for, being one of the funnest bands I’ve ever seen live. And within about a minute, I was hooked. So when the opportunity arose, I definitely wasn’t going to turn it down! So here we go:

  • Are there any themes that run through the album, both musically and lyrically?

Not directly. We’ve been writing this album for around three years so it’s hard to tie up one theme that runs through when we’ve progressed as a band so much. I just feel like it’s a collection of our favourite songs that basically say as what we are all about.

  • Is the name Eliza and the Bear taken from Eleanor Rees’ poetry collection, and if so, what made you name the band after it?

Yes. It’s kinda just as simple as we saw the name and all collectively loved it. Just felt it fitted the music we were writing.

  • How do you make performing look so fun?

We just do whatever we feel comes naturally. It’s not a forced, choreographed thing. It’s just us giving ourselves years of neck and back troubles because that feels natural.

  • What’s the best place the band has been to on tour?

Well it wasn’t a tour but we got to travel out to Hong Kong for some shows. It was during a UK run and we had the most amazing time being treated like kings. Then we came back down to earth feeling like hell in Bedford.

  • What would you be doing if you weren’t making music?

At the time this band started taking off I was studying to be a quantity surveyor so I’d probably get back into that. Although I’d miss the adrenaline of performing live so I’d probably look into how much being a Chippendale pays.

Eliza and the Bear are doing an October tour and their album is expected for release in February 2016, something which I can’t deny, I’m pretty excited for!

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