Adventures at Salcey

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Last week I headed off for a morning at one of my very favourite places, with one of my favourite people in tow – so I thought I’d write a post telling you guys how great Salcey Forest is. I’ve only been there a couple of times, but each time I’ve been taken aback by how beautiful and peaceful it is. So with only a few days to go now until I head off for my first year at Warwick, me and Gareth decided it was about time that we headed out for another walk round Salcey.

After just a general walk round part of the forest, we decided to check out their Tree Ninja course, and believe me when I tell you, it looks like a cool one. It looks much better than the one at Willen Lake – although I’m not saying that that one doesn’t look like a lot of fun! Unfortunately, however, it was closed when we were there – but it’s definitely something I’ll want to go back and do at some point! After this, we headed to my favourite thing in the Forest – the Treetop walk.

The Treetop walk gives you the opportunity to walk on platforms into and above the trees, giving brilliant views all the way up, and the platform at the top is just stunning. Thankfully, because we went on a weekday, the walk was quite quiet, meaning we had a good ten minutes at the top all on our own – which obviously led to great photo opportunities! However, due to me leaving my camera at my Nans, I couldn’t take as good a photos as I wanted – so you’ll have to make do with the ones I took! The walk doesn’t take that long to do, and due to the way the platforms are built, it caters for all, meaning anyone can do it. It’s strange how isolated the forest feels as well, considering it’s not too far away from Milton Keynes and Northampton, but this just makes for a great getaway feeling. So if you haven’t had an opportunity to visit Salcey, I thoroughly recommend you do so as soon as possible!

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