Taking a Gap Year

It’s that time of year again when people have to start worrying about personal statements and university applications – and even still trying to decide what course to take. I had this exact problem two years ago when my school started giving talks on personal statement writing and where to apply – and I still had no idea what course I even wanted to do. And while it might seem terrifying to even think about, I decided to just not think about it. Which is how I came about the decision to take a gap year. And it was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.

If you’re not sure on what to do at university, my advice would be to just not go yet – there’s no point throwing a load of money away on something you don’t even want to do, is there? And there’s always time in the future to go off and make the most of university, when you’re 100% sure on what you want to do! And there’s a lot of pluses to taking a gap year.

A lot of people go off travelling for the year, which is something I wanted to do, but for me it just wasn’t practical. Although saying that, in the future I definitely want to do a whole load of travelling, and getting to see the world, and I’ve been enviously going through the photos of all my friends who did go off round the world! But instead of doing that for the year, I decided to try and get some experience in the work place and save up a bit of money in preparation for university. It’s something I’ve never regretted, because I ended up getting a job as a tutor which I absolutely love, and not only is it a great way to save up some money, it’s also given me a lot of experience for teaching, which is something I think I want to go into in the future. The extra year has also given me time after the chaos of school to sit down and decide what I want to do, as well as being able to apply for uni with the knowledge of exactly where you can apply with the grades I got.

Now while I might be sounding boring have worked for the whole year, I’ve also done some amazing things, like meeting Gareth, spending time with friends, having a few great trips and just becoming more independent in general. So if you’re at the stage where you’re applying for university, but have no idea how to go about it and what to do, take a step back and consider whether a gap year is for you!

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