Rainy Days

I can hardly believe that we’re being hit with this kind of rainy weather in the middle of August, but I can’t deny, I really love a bit of rain. Right now I’m curled up with some candles lit, watching a bit of Merlin and writing this blog post, with a soundtrack of the rain pattering against my window. And while it is a shame that summer seems to be over before it’s even really begun, there are plenty of things to be done on a good old rainy day. So that’s why I’ve put this post together; for all those people who huff and puff when they open the curtains in the morning to find rain, here’s a list of things to do to make a rainy day just as enjoyable as a sunny one!

  1. Have a day out – ish: for all of you who have read my post last week about the Hell-Fire Caves, you’ll know that I definitely made the most of a rainy day. Even though it was grotty weather, it’s definitely still possible to have a day out – there are plenty of cool places to go, and be out of the rain!
  2. Duvet day: as I said, right now I’m curled up catching up on some good old TV. When it’s sunny and nice outside, I always want to be out and about, and to be honest, it can get exhausting when you don’t take the time to just have a chill out day.
  3. Have a bath: after visiting Lush to check out the new range of stuff last week, I realised it’s been ages since I’ve chilled out and had a nice bath. And there’s nothing better than relaxing in the bath, with the rain pattering on the window and a good old book. If you haven’t been to Lush recently, definitely head down there to take a look!
  4. ICE-SKATING!! This feels like a really random one, but I’ve been meaning to go ice-skating for ages, and I figure, if it’s cold and horrible outside, might as well be cold while having fun!
  5. Cinema: I’m definitely a fan of going to the cinema, and being able to get the Meerkat Movies deal, it doesn’t even cost too much money anymore. And you don’t have to be outside for a good old cinema trip, so why moan and groan about the rain when you can still go out somewhere!

Now this list isn’t exhaustive, but I always try to remain optimistic about things rather than letting such a stupid thing as the weather get me down. So next time it’s a rainy day, I whole-heartedly recommend trying something new, or just having a chilled day indoors catching up on your favourite TV shows, rather than letting it get you down!

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