I’ve always been one of those people who will find anything possible to do, in order to put off doing something I don’t want to. Be it deadlines with homework when I was back at school, writing when I’ve got a bit of a block, or even just tidying up when it needs doing, I always put it off. But with going off to university in a couple of months, I’ve been thinking a lot about how annoying and stupid this bad habit of mine can be. I know that I want to keep on top of work, and that going back to my old school habits of leaving everything to the last minute is a definite no, so I’ve decided to seize the day and tackle procrastinating.

I’ve bought myself a student planner for next year, which will be useful because it hasn’t just got space for keeping track of deadlines and schedules, it also has a whole section on student finance and websites which are useful for students. And tonight, despite having been putting off clearing out my room for weeks, I finally got round to starting, having clearing out my desk. It’s always so tempting to just sit down and just scroll through Facebook (even though it’s not usually even that interesting) when I’m meant to be doing something, but if I keep doing that I’m never going to get anything done!

It’s also a bit of an issue with blog posts, because I’ll get ideas and jot them down, but when it comes round to writing a post I always seem to find something else to do. But I’ve decided to start planning posts and when I’m going to write them in advance so hopefully I’ll be able to continue it as well as uni work, just being at uni and coming home to see Gareth and my family.

So to everyone out there who also falls victim to procrastinating ways, while it might feel like the easy option at the time, it’s always easier to just get things done!

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