Tennis Escapades

I’ve tried several ways to get more fit, and exercise more, but none of them have really worked. I find running a little boring, exercise DVD’s annoy me, and I just feel too self-conscious at the gym. But I still enjoy sport and have been determined to find the right type for me. And last week I think I found it!

I’ve always loved sports, and at school, despite not being the best at it, I always loved Tennis. So when me and Gareth came across a tennis club – with a student discount! – it seemed perfect. We went for the first time the other day, ready to feel like Wimbledon Stars, and discovered just how bad we are. Despite constantly chasing after tennis balls flying in random directions, it was hilarious and a huge amount of fun, meaning I was doing the exercise I wanted to, while immensely enjoying myself. Even if it is a bit embarrassing getting shown up by little kids!

So to all those people who want to get some exercise, but feel too daunted by the gym, there’s always ways to exercise while having fun – and feel acceptable while making a complete fool out of yourself! The other plus is that it’s a two person sport, so it’s easier to motivate yourself, and have a laugh with someone. All in all, I’ve been having a lot of fun playing tennis, meaning an hour of exercise goes pretty damn fast!

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