July Catch-Up

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Well this months definitely been a busy one! I kicked off the month with a trek to Dunstable to buy an electric piano to take off to uni. This was really exciting for me, even if I do now have a piano taking up the majority of my bedroom, because it not only means I can play whenever I want, with no restrictions with time of day (I prefer working in the evening), but I also feel like I’m starting to feel all prepared for uni. I got really lucky with it, having found it on gumtree for only £100. After some difficulty jamming it into the back of Gareth’s tiny car, we set off on a bit of a hellish ride home on the M1, but it was definitely worth it!

I’ve also been doing a lot of preparation for uni, with reading lists and term dates now having been released. While I’ve done some reading for next year, it all feels so much closer now, and I always like to be ahead so I feel like I need to get going with it now. I’m really excited as well as I’ve found out that one of my modules is Medieval to Renaissance Literature, which involves classes in Middle English which I think just sounds really cool. It’s strange because I’m not looking forward to uni that much, but at the same time I just want to get going with it all.

Before going to Sorrento, the rest of the month was pretty chilled, just trying to save money for going on holiday, but it was nice to be able to get out in the sun and relax in the nice weather. The other great thing about July and the start of Summer is the later sunsets, meaning that we were able to go and watch them after I finished work, which I don’t usually get to do, what with working till 8 most evenings.

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Towards the end of July it was off to Sorrento, which was one of the best weeks of my life. The city is so beautiful, and it was so nice to just have a few days off work and spend it out exploring the world. Although you can find more about my holiday in my blog post about it! I’m also really excited to have booked to go away to Paris for two nights in September, as a final getaway with Gareth before I go off to uni, and a chance to explore another city.

I ended the month (on the very last day) with joining a tennis club. I’ve been meaning for ages to start getting back into sport and just exercise in general, and since I get bored of running or exercise on my own, I thought this would be a great way to start doing more, but also to enjoy it.

Even though no big events (other than Sorrento obviously!) have particularly happened this month, it’s still felt really busy, and it’s been a brilliant month. I’m equally looking forward to August, with some cool things lined up and just enjoying Summer while it lasts. I hope everyone reading this has had a brilliant month as well!

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