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Firstly, I want to apologise for not being so great with posting the last week. Secondly, I have no regrets as I was having the best holiday ever in Sorrento! Although we were only there for four nights, it felt both much longer, and much shorter. There’s so much to see and so much to do that it felt like we were constantly going – which we probably were to be honest – and despite it originally meant to be a nice relaxing trip, I think I felt more tired after the end of the week. We literally crammed as much as possible in to the five days, and it was definitely worth it!

The hotel we stayed at was just outside of Sorrento on one of the massive cliffs which gave us an outstanding view of Sorrento and the coast. However, to get to the hotel, we had to take a shuttle bus (taxis refused to drive up the road) up the most tiny road ever, with drivers honking to go round corners and driving insanely fast. It was a little like being on a rollercoaster, and extremely fun, even on the one memorable journey when our seats collapsed after one particularly hard brake.

On the first day we boated off to the island of Capri, which is really easy to get to from Sorrento, and after the most amazing boat tour around the island – with some of the most incredible views I’ve ever seen – we set off exploring the island in general. It’s at this point that I would recommend doing something like this as part of a set tour, because when my parents went, they organised it and managed to do pretty much everything possible in the day. But due to our slightly poor planning, upon seeing a sign which allegedly pointed to the town centre, we set off on what was to become the most hellish climb of my entire life (and let’s not forget that the next day, I climbed Mt. Vesuvius). It took about half an hour, and at times it felt like we were almost going vertical. However, once we reached the top, we got to sit in the shade in a lovely little café before exploring central Capri. After wandering down a narrow little street, which in all honesty looked like we probably wouldn’t want to wander down it, we discovered the most beautiful area which looked like it was inhabited more by people who lived there, rather than the tourists which covered the rest of the island. It had a little fountain and a mass of vibrant flowers and really reminded me of the worth of just simply exploring. However, I’m a little sad that we weren’t able to go on the chair lifts on the other side of the island, as we had absolutely no idea where they were! After exploring and the most glorious watermelon slushies it was time to go back to Sorrento, while still being a bit in awe at the beauty of Capri.

Unfortunately we didn’t really have time for a rest the next day, as it was getting up early to boat off to Pompeii and Vesuvius. Considering Vesuvius and Pompeii have been on my bucket list since I was young, I definitely wasn’t disappointed. While being in awe at how ancient Pompeii is, and slightly sad at how many people died there, I still can’t believe at how well it’s been conserved. It’s definitely one of those places that you just have to visit. After that it was an incredibly fun journey up the side of Vesuvius, before the slightly difficult walk up to the top. Despite the horrendous heat, the views from the top (and sides) were absolutely breath-taking and I couldn’t even really believe I was seeing the crater. The climb to the bottom then felt more like a slide, before heading back to Sorrento and the most amazing spag bol I have ever eaten.

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We left the last day for exploring Sorrento, and it wasn’t really enough time to find everything there is to find. But some of the places we went were absolutely amazing. There are some of the most incredible churches that you just walk into by accident, incredible views of the coast, narrow bustling streets, and some of the nicest ice cream cafes you will ever find. One of the coolest things we found was a garden (which when we returned had a wedding going on in) which led up to this little terrace with a photo exhibition. The photos were amazing, and the terrace itself provided some of the most glorious views of Sorrento and the coast. It also had this tree swing and a hammock, and was so nice and breezy up there that I could’ve stayed for hours just to escape the heat. There was so much we saw that I don’t have enough words to go into it all, but there was so much more to see when we sadly had to leave that one day I will absolutely be going back. The other reason to go back is the outstanding quality of the food. If there hadn’t been so much walking and climbing then I would have put on the weight of a small elephant.

All in all, it was definitely the best holiday I’ve ever been on, and if you get the chance, 100% go to Sorrento!

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