Holiday Preparation

I can excitedly say that it’s only 5 days till I fly off to the sunny Sorrento for 5 days with my lovely boyfriend. And while I’ve been counting down the days for a few months now, there always seems to be something that needs doing in order to prepare to make the holiday as fabulous as possible. And being our first holiday together, I want it to be as glorious as possible! With it being so close now, I thought I’d share what my top holiday preparation tips are with you – as a lot of this stuff I didn’t do and it got a little stressful!

  1. Make sure you have a valid passport. When we booked to go to Italy, I realised that I didn’t actually have a valid passport, and it came to be a bit of a worry that it wouldn’t get sorted in time! In a way, it’s actually quite a complicated process, especially when you’ve changed so much that you need to sort out a countersignature. So I would say, before you even book a holiday – make sure your passport is valid (if you’re going out of the country that is!)
  2. Organise airport travel. Where we’re flying to is actually about 20 miles away from our hotel, and as we didn’t book through a holiday company, it’s been down to us to sort out the airport travel. Now this one was a bit of a worry as I’m not the most savvy person when it comes to navigating my way around an unknown place, but it can be sorted easily – just email your hotel and they should be able to help out!
  3. Plan your days. If you’re not going for a very long time like me, it feels even more important to plan your days to get in as much as possible – especially if you’re as interested in seeing as much as possible as me! We have some really exciting days planned – Mt Vesuvius, Pompeii and visiting the Island of Capri – but there’s so much to do that it could’ve taken us ages to decide which places to see if we’d left it till we were there!
  4. Sort out what you need to pack. Now I’m definitely one for leaving packing to the last minute, but there’s always something I forget – and it’s often really important – so packing early is a definite must.
  5. HAVE FUN! While I’m always panicked about being as organised as possible, the main point of going away is not to have it all organised early, but to have tonnes and tonnes of fun!

I hope everyone’s as excited about summer as I am – regardless of whether you’re going away or not! And if you are, it would be cool if you could share your travelling plans below!

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