Summer Bucket List

Every Summer I’m definitely guilty of saying I want to do a load of cool things – and then never getting round to doing them. But with the Sun shining (sort of) and the weather at least not being freezing all the time, everyone really should make the most of it – especially if you enjoy being outdoors as much as me. So while I often don’t do everything I say I plan to do, hopefully by putting it down in writing for the whole world to see (or anyone who reads this anyway), I’ll be more likely to commit to it. So here’s my Summer bucket list:

  1. Go on a really long bike ride
  2. Watch a sunrise
  3. Go to the sea side
  4. Start running again
  5. Go swimming
  6. Have a picnic
  7. Go on holiday (12 days!)
  8. Sleep under the stars
  9. Go kayaking
  10. Go ice skating (maybe more of a winter thing, but I haven’t been in so long!)
  11. Go on a long drive
  12. Explore as much as possible!

While all of these things are definitely accomplishable, it can be difficult to fit in things like this, which is why it’s my goal to do as many of these things as possible to make my Summer as fabulous as possible. Would be great to hear what everyone’s Summer goals are!


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