Exactly one year ago today I got my exam results and was officially done with school – yet it doesn’t feel like a whole year has passed in the slightest. Today’s been quite a reflective day for me in that respect, thinking about what I’ve done and achieved in the year since leaving school. While I originally had some pretty big plans for my gap year – travelling, becoming an au pair and practising my German – I’m so happy with what I’ve decided to do instead. I’ve applied for uni and confirmed my place at Warwick next year, I’ve found a job I love, I met Gareth and in general I feel like I’ve changed massively as a person.

While at the time it felt like a ginormous and sad ending to leave school, it’s made me realise just how much there is to be done with life and reflecting on this past year has made me even more excited for the year to come. For anyone leaving school this year – and especially to those who studied for the IB Diploma and received their results today (hope it went fabulously for everyone!) – I would say, be sad that you’re leaving that part of your life behind, and while you might be scared, whatever you go off to do, it will be great. Just make the most of it!

Talking of making the most of it, with my gap year slowly coming to a close, I’m even more excited about the year to come. I’m incredibly excited to fly off to Italy in 2 weeks, and before we’ve even gone, it’s really left me with a desire to travel further. And for all of you like me who are starting at Uni next year – good luck!


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