Favourite Writers

The other day I was looking through my books and there are certain authors that crop up a lot, and it got me to thinking about my favourite writers. While I think anyone with the determination to actually complete writing a novel is admirable, and to get it published is even more of an achievement, everyone has their own personal favourites! So here are mine:

  1. Dean Koontz: Now this is probably obvious to anyone who’s read my other blog posts! But Dean Koontz is most definitely up there with my favourite writers. His stuff is always original and never fails to surprise me. The vastness of his work also proves his talent, because over all these years of writing he’s neither gotten repetitive or boring – if anything, his work has gotten even more spectacular. I’m yet to find a book I haven’t enjoyed by him – and I’ve read a lot! – which is the main reason why he’s on this list.
  2. Michael Ondaatje: Ondaatje is possibly one of the most talented writers I think I’ve ever come across. Ever since I read The English Patient I fell in love with the way he writes. His use of imagery is marvellous and the characters he creates are complex and relatable. If there’s ever been a writer that makes me want to travel the world it’s Ondaatje. It may sound weird, but his writing of different places – Sri Lanka in Running in the Family, Cairo in The English Patient, among other settings – just brings them to life in a way that makes me want to visit and experience them, which is why I think he’s such a talented writer. He doesn’t just describe things, he makes you experience them.
  3. J K Rowling: Now good old J K definitely has to go on the list. It never fails to impress me how she came up with such an intricate and complex world all in her head – and then managed to write it all down in such a way that made it come to life for everyone reading. I feel like I don’t need any more words to describe her talent and her deserving of this place on this list.
  4. Chuck Palahniuk: Although I haven’t read that much by Palahniuk, he’s the sort of writer that makes me want to keep buying his books. Fight Club was phenomenal and Invisible Monsters was memorable, and just reading these two novels I know that he’s definitely a writer I need to read more of, rather than a one hit wonder!
  5. Sylvia Plath: Sylvia Plath was the writer who made me realise that English Literature wasn’t just a subject I was fairly good at – she made me realise just how much I love studying Literature and spurred me into working hard and eventually becoming good enough to study it at university. This was just through reading her poetry, but after reading The Bell Jar, I realised what a genius she was and what pure talent looked like.

While there are many other writers I admire and enjoy reading, this is just a small selection of my favourites. What are yours?

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