June Catch-Up!


June has been a pretty damn glorious month, so here’s a post to tell you guys what I’ve been up to. Despite moaning about the weather being too hot (like today – it’s like being in a sauna constantly) and feeling in constant need of a shower, I love June because the hot weather also brings the sun with it, and I love the way it makes everything look – so vibrant and colourful. And this June has been the best June for me yet! Since I’ve only been running my blog for about a month, this is going to be the first monthly catch up, so I thought I’d let you guys know what it’s all about! It’s just a chance for me once a month to think about what’s happened in the month, and share some of the things I’ve done and some of my favourite pictures. So here’s what I’ve been up to:

  1. Camden! Some of you may (hopefully!) have read my blog post about my trip to Camden and the Hozier concert that never was. This was a perfect way to start the month, experiencing something new and Camden is such a cool place that I definitely want to go back! If you want to know any more about this awesome day, check out “Something New.”                                                                              IMG_1502
  2. The Colour Obstacle Rush! On the 13th June I got the chance to tick something off my bucket list – doing a colour run. And this wasn’t just any colour run, there were obstacles and slides and inflatable castles to crash your way through. Despite it raining all day (after moaning about the heat I can hardly complain about rain – but it was a little irritating) and there being massive queues, it was well worth it. Although I’m not massively active, it was one of the coolest things I’ve done, and a hell of a lot of fun! I would definitely recommend doing a colour run to anyone who wants to try something new and fun, and it’s not competitive so there’s no worries if you’re not quite able to run it all (although with all the colour tents and obstacles, it didn’t feel like there was that much running involved.)
  3. Catching up with old friends. I feel like this is something I don’t do enough, but this month I managed to make time to see two of my best friends, both of whom I haven’t seen in a while, and it was something I’m really glad I got to do. Sometimes with friends at Uni and busy with exams and work and everything that’s going on at the moment, it can be really easy to get out of touch with people if you’re not seeing them on a day to day basis, but making the effort is well worth it!
  4. Jurassic World!!! (twice). Anyone who knows me well, knows how much I love Jurassic Park, and despite not liking the previous two sequels, I was still really excited to see what Jurassic World would be like – and it did not disappoint. It was definitely one of the best films I’ve seen in ages – so much so that I ended up seeing it twice. If you haven’t seen it already, definitely go have a watch!                                                                                     IMG_1716
  5. Harry Potter Studios! So yesterday, (just about making it into June), I finally got to visit the Harry Potter Studios – and it was so damn cool. Getting to wander around for two odd hours, seeing all the sets and costumes and props of one of my most loved things was absolutely amazing – especially trying butter beer and butter beer ice-cream! It was made even better by the fact that Gareth had been away in Belgium for 5 days (at Rock Werchter, the lucky bastard), and we had this lovely day out planned for when he got back. As well as being exciting to see all the different things, it was really interesting to find out more about how the films were actually made and how it all came about – I could probably go on about all of it for ages! It was a really perfect birthday present (in spite of being two months late)
  6. HOZIER!!!! Despite nearly seeing him at the start of the month, it turned out that we finally ended up seeing the awesomeness that is Hozier on the very last day of the month (on the same day as going to the Harry Potter Studios, but both were so amazing that they deserve separate points.) It was well worth the wait, I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a show so much – I’m not exaggerating when I say he’s even better live than on recording, which is saying a lot because his album is one of my very favourites, I don’t think there’s a single bad song on there. The support band Wyvern Lingo were also really good, and it was really interesting to find out that one of the singers was the singer from In a Week – and she reappeared on stage for that beautiful song. The whole show was absolutely phenomenal, and although the crowd were a little rubbish at times (it felt a bit like some people had only gone along to hear Take Me to Church, which is stupid because he’s incredible and all of his songs are amazing), there wasn’t a moment of it that I wasn’t in awe at his talent. Although it was only yesterday, I want to see him again already, which is saying something!

I hope everyone else has had an awesome month as well and that June is just as great – bring on Summer!


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