DSCF2071When I was younger, I was never the outdoorsy type, always preferring to stay inside and read a good book. Now, while I have no less love for staying in and have a good old read, I’ve become much more appreciative for the beauty of the outdoors, enjoying going out, even if only for an hour or so before work, and exploring somewhere new. So when the weather cleared up (momentarily) today, Gareth and I decided to head out for a walk before work. So, camera in hand, we decided to hit Caldecotte Lake. We’ve explored a lot of the lakes in Milton Keynes (with perhaps Tongwell being my personal favourite) but we haven’t been to Caldecotte before – which is surprising, because it is actually enormous.

DSCF2091After hitting Starbucks to get my favourite drink (Chai Latte, if anyone’s interested), we headed over to Caldecotte, and I was astounded by the beauty of it, despite the weather being fairly grey. I love lakes, just looking over the expanse of water is so calming and beautiful, and Caldecotte certainly didn’t disappoint. I was also surprised by the number of geese – at one point it actually looked like they were queuing (with a sneaky duck tagged on the end!) Even though we only had about half an hour of walking around before having to head off to work, it was definitely worth it. The way I see it, even living in a city like Milton Keynes, there’s always new sights to discover and explore – I just wish I had the time and money to go further afield. But with less than a month to go till I visit Sorrento, I guess the wanderlust is really starting to kick in!

Exploring, although sounding exciting, is one of the ways I relax the most, and even though it seems hard to fit in going for a simple walk somewhere new into a busy schedule, it’s always possible and I thoroughly recommend it! Check out the cool snaps I took below, and comment below where you love exploring!

DSCF2075 DSCF2080 DSCF2079 DSCF2094 DSCF2085 DSCF2081


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