Something New

DSCF2022I’ve always enjoyed getting out for a day and experiencing something new. And it’s with a certain degree of regret that I admit I managed to get to the age of 19 without ever going to Camden. So since me and my lovely boyfriend, Gareth, were going to London yesterday to see Hozier, we decided to spend the day there.

Unfortunately, about ten minutes after arriving in London we discovered that the show had been cancelled due to Hozier being ill. It was a little annoying, but can’t blame the poor guy for getting ill! And we decided to look on the bright side that the show’s been rescheduled and just enjoy a day wandering around Camden market. And all in all it was a pretty glorious day. Camden is exactly the sort of place I love going to, just wandering around and seeing all the different stalls and shops, experiencing the different smells and sights. It’s amazing that in one place, so many different things can be going on at once. It’s actually a little bewildering at times, not knowing where to look and wanting to look everywhere at once. I did manage to restrain myself from buying everything in sight, although I got a couple of good purchases to remind myself of the day!  IMG_1476There was the most amazing light shop, with lamps hanging from the ceiling everywhere like tiny globes of colour, and although the lamps were a little expensive, I walked out of there with a couple of gorgeous little candle holders. There was also this ginormous book shop, which was phenomenal. It was the sort of shop where there are just so many books that it’s impossible to have any sort of organisation – although unfortunately, they didn’t have any Koontz!

I do think the highlight of the day however, was the cereal café. The walls are lined with all the cereals you can think of, and a delightful range of pop tarts. It was a great way to split the afternoon, getting out of the hustle and bustle of Camden and sitting with a pop tart in hand. After that we headed over to a bookshop in Kentish Town before getting the train home. If any of you reading this haven’t yet visited Camden, I wholeheartedly suggest you do!

The one plus side of heading home early rather than seeing Hozier was that we got home in time for the sunset, which was as breath taking as usual. We decided to head over to Willen Lake to test out my new camera, and after finding the perfect spot, just sat and watched the show unfold. One of my very favourite things to do is find a spot to watch the sunset from. I find it amazing how although it’s essentially the same thing every day, it’s never the same. And the one yesterday was beautiful, especially seeing the reflections in the lake.

All in all, despite the disappointment of not seeing Hozier, it was a wonderful day! DSCF2023

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